Presenting Trump After Trump

Presenting Trump After Trump

Trump After Trump #49 (Sunday)

Trump After Trump Comic Strip 4-panel strip

Pence Issues Trump a Parting Challenge

Does anyone call Trump “Don” or “Donald”? It’s hard to imagine. Trump is on record as loving when people call him “sir” or “mister president,” so I don’t see why he should change his mind just because he’s no longer president.

Now that it is Inauguration Day in this comic strip, we can bid farewell to the lame duck period. Mike “Bible Mike” Pence is going his own way to preach his message of hope and comfort to the masses. What’s next for Trump?

One answer to that question could be “nothing.” Drawing 49 comics from one storyline has been a great experience for me, and I am happy with the product. That said, I don’t know how much time I want to spend thinking about and drawing Trump, and it’s not like Trump After Trump has blown up to a point where people would be sad to see it go.

For now, I’m writing and drawing, working toward closure. But, as my friend Sean advised, I’ll be sure not to kill Trump off just in case I find that y’all want more Trump After Trump.

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Welcome to my website! My latest project is the Trump After Trump comic strip, where I attempt to tell the story of how Donald J. Trump might do some soul-searching after he (fingers-crossed but not making any predictions) loses the 2020 presidential election. Please leave a comment below or on a post or contact me with your thoughts – I’m trying to get good at cartooning, and hearing what you think helps!

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